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Monday, May 17, 2021

How to Make Ubuntu Lighter on a Low Spec Computer?

How to Make Ubuntu Lighter on a Low Spec Computer?
Image by Pixabay

I often read the question above on forums and groups on Facebook that discuss Linux. This is an interesting discussion because there are so many lightweight Linux distributions that can be used smoothly. I've covered some lightweight Linux Distribution for older computers on this blog.


And this time our discussion will focus on Ubuntu and maybe it can be applied to other Linux distributions!.

To make Ubuntu or a Linux distribution run smoothly and lightly on a computer that has potato specifications, you can do a few things below!.



1. Don't install the default Ubuntu, choose another variant!


Installing the default Ubuntu which uses the GNOME desktop environment will feel a bit heavy if running on a laptop/PC that has 2GB RAM with an old  processor. So for those of you who want to run Ubuntu on an old laptop with a supported processor, you need to switch to a lighter desktop environment like XFCE on Xubuntu or LXDE, the LXQT used by Lubuntu.


Xubuntu and Lubuntu currently have a fairly modern appearance. For those who choose Xubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment, you can customize the desktop appearance to be as beautiful as possible. Some people on forums who use XFCE often see their Screenshot edit view like MAC.


At this point, the point is to choose the right desktop environment. If you want a lighter and simpler display, you can also use the Window Manager. In my opinion, the Window Manager settings are more complicated for novice Linux users. But it's fine if you want to try it.

2. Turn off services that are running but less useful

Some services may run when the computer is turned on. If you find one or more services that run at the beginning of booting the computer, and it turns out that these services are not very useful on your laptop / computer. Please turn off these services. To see the services running on Ubuntu, you can use Stacer which is a multi-functional application.

3. Clean up storage from files that are no longer in use

Sometimes when using a laptop or PC, users often accumulate files that are no longer used. This will reduce storage from the laptop. With so many files in storage and capacity it is almost full and can make the Harddisk or SSD slower. You need to clean up some unused junk files. So the storage device on your laptop doesn't work hard just to read the junk files that are still stored.

I think the 3 points above are enough, if your laptop / computer is still heavy to run. Maybe it's time you need to replace your laptop or upgrade some components. CMIIW. Hopefully useful and ENJOY! ...