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Sunday, September 2, 2018

8 Lightweight Linux Distributions For Older Computers!

Linux Distributions For Older Computers!
Imagae by Pixabay
The rapid development of technology, especially on computer hardware, is one of the good news. But the longer, the technology that comes out now will also be replaced by better ones in the future.

In my country, computer users with dual core or core 2 duo processors may be rarely found and have switched to the best hardware technology for now. The hardware that has been developed is also adjusted to the better software development, one of which is on a Linux-based Operating System. So, what is the fate of an old computer that you still have?

You can still use the old computer specifications by installing a lightweight Linux distribution, because Linux offers a variety of distributions that you can choose to install on your old computer. The article below is a list of distributions that you can choose, which can be used on older computers!

Tiny Core Desktop

This distribution has a small file size with a dock display that is very simple and functions as navigation. This distro is very suitable for older computers. And we can also change the appearance using a desktop environment or other window manager, because it is very flexible.

2. Slitaz

 Slitaz Linux

I have experience using slitaz on old school computers, pentium III. In the past, the size of this distro was only 30MB, but it turned out to run smoothly on older computers. In fact there are many applications that can be used for office, multimedia, or design. Slitaz is my recommendation for those of you who are looking for small size distributions for older computers.

This distribution feature that I remember the most is being able to convert a package with tazpkg and surfing using a lightweight browser, Midori. Slitaz has many versions, besides 4.0 there is also version 5.0 that uses the rolling release method.

Puppy Linux Tahrpup

Besides Slitaz, Puppy Linux is also one of the lightest distributions that you can install on an old computer. Based on experience, I have tried this distro on old school computers, and it runs quite well. The features offered are also varied, and the display on this distribution also looks cool but simple.

Bodhi Linux

A lightweight Linux distro that has a built-in display is very simple, minimalist and elegant. This distribution is perfect for those of you who don't like the crowded look.

Bodhi Linux is one of the distributions that you can install on old school computers because to run this operating system it doesn't really need high hardware specifications. Minimal system requirements for running this distribution are 500mhz processor, 256MB RAM, and 5GB Space HDD.


The first impression when trying this distribution was, I felt back in the past. Why is that? Because this distro also includes old school games such as Doom, Quake1, Pacman and many others. The default application from 4MLinux is quite a lot on the menu list, but there are some that we need to download before it can run.

This distribution is available for 32 bits and 64 bits, with a minimum requirement of 128 MB RAM if you install it on the HDD.


Distros that have a fairly small size! Damn Small Linux (DSL) can be used for simple activities using a computer such as playing music, browsing or maybe typing an article. In addition, you can explore your own features in it. You can install Damn Small Linux on a HDD with a minimum storage size.

AntiX Linux

AntiX Linux is a lightweight and fast distribution that is developed with the debian base with the kernel and the developer custom script. AntiX provides several windows managers such as IceWM, FLuxbox and JWM, and the default display of this OS is using IceWM. In the menu there is also a Theme application that you can use directly to change the theme provided.

To run this distribution, it requires at least 192 MB of RAM. But, it's better if you use 256MB RAM and above so that the antiX can run more smoothly.

Vector Linux Standard Edition

This distribution provides variants to adjust to user needs. Some variants of Vector Linux are Standart Edition, Small Office / Home Office (SOHO Edition), Light Edition, and Live Edition.

Some variants provided have differences in system requirements. For the Light Edition version, it can run on a computer, pentium 166 with a minimum RAM size of 64MB or more, and a minimum storage of 1.8 GB. For further information, please read on the official website.

Even though this distribution released various versions, all versions released were intended for computers with minimal hardware specifications. Please choose according to your needs.

Actually, there are still many lightweight Linux distributions that can run on low specification computers, the 8 distributions above are some recommendations for those of you who are looking for a lightweight Linux distribution for old school computers. If you use anything else, you can add it to the comments column to inform other users. May be useful!