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Friday, August 2, 2019

Now You Can Try Debian 10 on Distrotest!

Recently, Debian has released version 10 with the codename Buster. Many websites discuss this distribution. Debian is one of the distributions that is a pioneer the birth of various cool distributions, one of which is Ubuntu.
Now You Can Try Debian 10 on Distrotest!
Debian Buster uses GNOME for default view of the desktop environment used. But you can change it to another desktop environment if you don't like the default display of this distribution. For those of you computer users with 32-bit architecture, you can install Debian Buster to your computer, because it still supports 32-bit computers.

Some features of Debian Buster!.

  • Using kernel 4.19-0.4.
  • Installed AppArmor by default.
  • Provides several choices of desktop environments. So the user can choose DE as they wish.

You can get this distribution here. But if you want to try without installing it, Now, on the, Debian version 10(Buster) has been provided. You can directly run this distribution on the browser using VNC.

Please go here to try Debian Buster!.

In my opinion, using VNC is not optimal because it often lags if your internet connection is unstable and slow. You can also run Debian or other distributions from the distrotest using Remmina. I once explained How to run Linux distro on a distrotest using Remmina. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.