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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Try Various Linux Distributions Using Remmina!

Remmina is one application that is used for remote desktop clients. In this article, I will use Remmina to run Linux distributions on the

Distrotest site is useful for trying various Linux distributions without having to install it on a computer. On this site we can run Linux distributions that are available directly from the browser. But for this experiment, I tried to use Remmina to run one of the Linux distributions.

A few steps to running Linux distributions on using Remmina!

1. Please open Remmina !. If Remmina isn't installed on your OS, you can get it in here. You can also use other applications that have the same functions as Remmina.

2. Next, open the site and select one of the distributions that you want to try! and click on the start button!

3. Please wait for a while until the Open VNC-Viewer button appears. At the bottom of the menu, there is a description of the server and port. Please copy the server and port to Remmina, but before, you change the Remmina setting to VNC as shown below!

Remmina VNC

4. And ... Press ENTER! BOOOM...., you will enter the boot menu, one of the distros available in distrotest according to the port provided!

Try Various Linux Distributions Using Remmina!
BlackArch Linux

I prefer to use applications like Remmina to run various distributions in distrotest because in my opinion, if you use broswer, the performance is less than optimal on my old PC!