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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Some Cool Applications Developed by TeejeeTech!

Some Cool Applications Developed by TeejeeTech!
Image by Pixabay
Tony George (TeejeeTech/teejee2008) is one of the application developers for Linux. Maybe we have or are using an application made by Teeje but don't know if it is one of his applications. Here are some cool applications made by Teejee for GNU/Linux Users!.

For those of you who use conky to make your desktop look cool, you might be using Conky Manager right now. This application is made to make it easier for users to edit the appearance and layout of the conky that is run.

In this blog I have discussed how to install conky manager.

Error in Ubuntu or other Linux distros, sometimes makes users confused about how to restore the computer's condition when it hasn't an error. In this case, users can use Timeshift which functions to make a system snapshot periodically. So, if at any time the user gets an error and has not found a solution to fix it, the user can restore the system settings using timeshift according to the date when the user made a snapshot when there was no error.

This application has the same function as system restore in Windows.

3. Ukuu.
Linux is a kernel that is currently experiencing many developments. As a user, we might want to try other kernels or upgrade the latest kernel to a computer system. Users need to be careful when changing the kernel, because this section is one of the important parts of a computer system.

But you can use Ukuu to make it easier to install and replace the kernel, because this application is an easy-to-use GUI Tool.

Based on the information I got on the Teejectech web, Starting from version 19.01, Ukuu turned into a paid license. This is because of the lack of donations needed to continue developing this application. But for those of you who have donated to Ukuu in the past, you can contact Teejeetech via email if you want to request a paid license from this application.

4. Selene.
Selene is a simple tool for converting video/audio formats. There are many choices of video and audio formats for converting your multimedia files.

Besides the application that I mentioned above, you can visit his website to see other cool apps !. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.