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Sunday, May 13, 2018

How To Install Conky And Conky Manager On Linux GUI?

Conky is one of the system monitor application that displays an information about various processes that are running on a computer with a GUI. This application has a very small size, and currently, many linux users use conky to decorate the computer desktop.

3 easy steps to install conky!

Step 1. Open the terminal, and please add this repository:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa

Step 2. Please type sudo apt-get update
Step 3. Please type, sudo apt-get install conky

To install this application does not require a long time, because the size of the package is small. But, in editing conky to look cool, you will inconvenience when to think of good design and its size. Because to set the display done manually, so need to open and edit the script. The standard view conky provides is less interesting (in my opinion), so, to make editing easier, you can download Conky Manager developed by Tony George on this website!

When trying to install Conky Manager on ubuntu 18.04, I get a lot of problems, Here is a problem I get when installing conky manager:

1. Package not found, when I tried to install via ppa. So I can not install via terminal.

2. The package provided on the link on the website is not active, so you can download conky manager in here!

3. When Installing, I get an error message that conky manager error dependency is not satisfied realpath. If you also get problems like this, you can download the realpath package here!

To install realpath, please use GDebi Package Installer application or you can install it with command:

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

Change packagename.deb with .deb file name that you download(in this case is realpath package). Make sure that you install in the same directory as the .deb file !. After this process is successful and nothing problem or error, you can continue to install the conky manager that has been downloaded!

This is How I installed Conky Manager on Ubuntu 18.04!

Step 1. Open the terminal command sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb. Or can use GDebi Pakcage Installer.

Step 2. If there are no errors, please run the Conky Manager app that is already GUI-shaped, so it's easier to set the Conky look on the desktop.

Conky Manager

To display one of the widgets on, please Check the name of the widget that you want displayed to see the result. If you get other widget styles, you can insert them into .conky folder (ctrl + h, to see hidden folders) in the Home directory. This is a video how to install Conky and Conky Manager on Ubuntu: