Thursday, November 22, 2018

How To Run Kazam Screencaster On Xubuntu Without Xfce Panel?

How To Run Kazam Screencaster On Xubuntu Without Xfce Panel?

I am a linux user who really likes the look and design that is simple but looks good. One of the reasons I deleted the panel is in the post Making Linux Desktop Look Simple But Cool!. In fact, when using Kazam, there is usually an icon attached to the panel that can be used to pause and finish the recording.

At that time, I found a problem that is, when I started recording using kazam, the application suddenly disappeared from Plank Dock. So we won't be able to click the kazam icon that automatically attaches to the panel. Because I don't use the Xfce panel.


The problem that I found, got the right solution using the shortcut that was on Kazam. So even if you don't use the panel, Kazam keeps running the screen recording process until the user finishes recording the screen.

There are several shortcuts that you can use below!
Super+Ctrl+R = Start recording
Super+Ctrl+F =Finish recording

Other commands:

Super+Ctrl+P = Pause
Super+Ctrl+S = Show Kazam
Super+Ctrl+Q = Quit

Super = (Button with windows icon on keyboard)

I only use 2 commands to do recording using Kazam on the XFCE desktop that I use without using the panel, which is the command to start recording, and to stop recording. May be useful!.

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