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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Making Linux Desktop Look Simple But Cool!

in using Linux distributions, users are free to edit the display according to their wishes. There are many sites that offer themes, icons, free wallpapers, to beautify Linux appearance. this time I want to share a simple but cool look of Linux that I have edited myself!

Making Linux Desktop Look Simple But Cool!

I have posted this view to the ubuntu forum in my country, and as a result I got a pretty good response, many of them asked about how to change the appearance to look attractive.

I answer it, Everything depends on the combination of icon, theme, wallpaper and others. I am one of the users of Linux distributions who like a minimalist look but still pay attention to the ease and functionality of the applications used. 

Some factors that make your Linux desktop look attractive!

1. The desktop environment used
To make the display look like the picture above, I use the xfce desktop environment without including the default panel. So, I disable all the panels that are usually automatically run when logging in. Actually, panels have an important role when we use computers. However, I feel, the xfce panel I use is heavier than a dock. I replaced the panel with a simple dock that can be available for Linux.

2. Wallpaper
Choosing the right wallpaper is one way to beautify the desktop. Lots of free image provider sites like pixabay, pexels and others that provide free wallpapers for you. In the picture above, I also use the wallpaper I am looking for on Pixabay here.

3. Icon
The selection of icons is one of the important things in beautifying the desktop appearance. In Linux there are so many designers who share the icons they make on sites like xfce-look or other.
And in the picture above, I use an icon with name darK, which I look for on the xfce-look site here.

4. Dock
Dock is an application to allow users to place an application that is often used on the desktop. So, when the user wants to open an application, there is no need to bother looking for it on the menu that is usually on the panel. In making a minimalist look, I replaced the panel with the dock application. In the picture above I use the Plank application.

5. Conky
Usually, to see the time and date, we will see this clock widget installed in the default panel. But, when we use the dock and disable the panel, to see the time becomes troublesome if you have to open the clock application or something. And in this case, I use conky for clock, and date. In the picture above I use the Conky Revolutionary clock here!

Some functions are lost when I disable the xfce panel:

1. Network manager: This problem is resolved by replacing xubuntu default network manager to WICD. Wicd is a lightweight alternative to Gnome Network Manager for Linux.

2. PulseAudio menu on panel: Usually, to increase/decrease the volume, we need this application, but in this case, I'm not too confuse with the volume button, because in a media player that is used, for multimedia related activities. The application used also includes volume settings.

3. Users menu to logout and etc: Actually, without a panel we can open the application menu by right-clicking --> Application(on xfce). So to logout, shutdown and etc, it's easy.

Why do I use xfce? Because in my experience, xfce is very easy and flexible in editing the display. And that is taste. It could be, you agree with me or not. How about you?

May be useful.