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Friday, March 11, 2022

Can I run Linux Ubuntu Via external SSD/HDD?

Can I run Linux Ubuntu Via external SSD/HDD?
SSD/HDD Enclosure
Yes, we can run Linux Ubuntu from SSD or HDD which is not embedded on PC/laptop. If you have an unused SSD, you can install Ubuntu and run it. In this case, I've tried it. And when this article was published, I was using a Linux distribution installed on an external SSD.

How to Boot and Run Ubuntu Linux on external SSD/HDD?

  • I assume that you have a HDD/SSD enclosure and a HDD/SSD installed with Ubuntu.
  • Please install the SSD/HDD in the enclosure and connect it to a USB or eSATA port.
  • Turn on the computer and enter the BIOS menu.
  • In the BIOS menu, please select the boot option using the SSD/HDD that you connected from the outside.

Supposedly, when you choose to boot on an external SSD / HDD, Ubuntu will boot and you can immediately operate.

For the BIOS menu, every computer is different, so please find out for yourself how to enter the bios and change the boot options to an external SSD.

I've tried this way to boot Windows on an external SSD but it didn't work and and got a bluescreen.

In conclusion, Running Ubuntu Linux using an external SSD, it can still run normally although maybe when the boot process feels a little slow. This may depend on the SSD and enclosure you are using. Hopefully useful and ENJOY!.