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Monday, November 15, 2021

How to Uninstall Android Bloatware Without Root On Ubuntu Linux?

How to Uninstall Android Bloatware Without Root On Ubuntu Linux?
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        When buying an Android smartphone, users may notice that there are some unwanted applications (bloatware), which are installed but cannot be removed, because these applications are installed in the system. And in order to change the system rules and be able to remove the default apps installed in the system, the user needs root privileges.
        But, rooting in android in my country, can void the warranty if the smartphone was recently purchased. So I don't recommend doing this. If you don't like some of the default applications on your smartphone, users can actually disable them. But sometimes some default applications cannot be disabled.
In addition, users can delete the smartphone's default app using ADB(Android Debug Bridge).

How to Install Android Debug Bridge(ADB) on Ubuntu.

android debug bridge(ADB) version on Linux

Open a Linux terminal and please type the command:

sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb
Please check if adb is already installed by typing adb version. 

How to remove bloatware apps on Ubuntu Linux using adb

Android package list on adb linux

  • Connect Smartphone and enable Developer Options.
  • On the Developer Options menu, please enable USB Debugging.
  • Open a terminal and type the command:
adb devices
  • There should be a list of connected devices on Ubuntu Linux, when you type the above command.
  • If your device has been detected, please type the command:
adb shell
  • You will enter the android shell, and here you can delete the application on the smartphone with the command:
pm uninstall -k --user -0 (package_name)

App Inspector Android

  • To see a list of application packages, you can use the App Inspector on android, or by typing the command:
pm list package

Warning: You should be careful in choosing which bloatware packages to uninstall. Remember! Don't make the mistake of uninstalling the application package, because it can cause system problems on your smartphone. Never uninstall an application package that you do not know whether the application is important or not on your smartphone system!. 

Hopefully useful and ENJOY!.