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Thursday, July 8, 2021

How To Add Plank Themes On Ubuntu Linux!

Plank is a dock application to beautify the desktop appearance on Linux distributions. This application is very light and useful for those of you who want to create shortcuts from the applications of your choice.


In a previous tutorial, I wrote a post about how to install and set up plank on Ubuntu. This time I want to discuss about how to add a theme to Plank on Ubuntu. You can search for plank themes on And please search using the keyword "plank themes" in the category search menu.


To enter the Plank Dock settings menu, you can press Ctrl + right click, then select preferences. In the menu there is a choice of themes. The default themes provided by this application are less diverse. Users can install other themes according to their individual tastes. An example is the plank dock theme I use in the image below:

How To Add Themes To Plank Dock On Ubuntu Linux!

To add other themes is very easy. Users only need to add new themes to the .local/share/plank/themes folder (press Ctrl+H to see hidden directories). In addition, it is also possible to put the theme file in the /usr/share/plank/themes directory, so that the theme can be read in global settings. In this second method, the user needs access as root to put the plank dock theme in that directory.

Next, please check on the theme menu that you plank, whether a new theme has been added to the theme list. Hopefully useful and ENJOY!