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Friday, June 12, 2020

Can VRoid Studio Run on Ubuntu Linux?

In this discussion, I want to try sharing with readers of this blog about the trial running Vroid application.
Can Vroid Studio Run on Ubuntu Linux?
Image via Pixabay
What is VRoid Studio? VRoid Studio is an application that is used to make 3D Anime characters easier. In this application we can freely make a vatar or character as you wish. In my opinion, this application is easier to use compared to direct modeling using 3D applications such as Blender, 3D Max, and others (in making 3D anime characters).

When this article was written, VRoid was only available for Windows and Mac. What about Linux distributions?

This application can be run using WINE. WINE functions to run Windows programs on Ubuntu. However, the Vroid application is a portable application that can be run directly without the installation process. Unfortunately, when I extract files that are in the application. The names of these files use the name along with the directory address as shown below:

Vroid Package

When I execute it using WINE, the application only displays the words "path not found" which means, the system cannot find the application that you want to run. The problem is because the names of the files contained in this portable VRoid application, use the name of the directory address on Windows. So what should I do?

Finally I decided to rename the files in the VRoid application one by one. This is a waste of time. If only I understood about rename the fast way, maybe I would use that method even though it's complicated. I tried several rename applications and failed to remove the "/" in the file name, and some applications to rename the file in Ubuntu that I used, can only be used on a reasonable and common application name without using special characters. CMIIW.
Vroid rename file
Finally, the rename on all files in the application is complete as in the picture above. I rename the file and leave only the original file name, and create a number of directory folders that are needed. So what I deleted is the name of the directory, so the system can find the files needed when the user executes this application.

And the result is that VRoid Studio can run smoothly on WINE. Look, I run this application on Ubuntu 20.04 with the help of WINEHQ.
Vroid Studio On Linux Ubuntu
Running Vroid Studio On Ubuntu 20.04


For those who want to run VRoid Studio on ubuntu smoothly, please enter the wine settings (open terminal, type winecfg). On the Graphics menu, check the Emulated a virtual desktop.This is useful so that the VRoid Studio runs without freeze when we minimized the application, or opening other applications. And In this menu, users can also adjust the resolution of applications opened via WINE. For Fullscreen, you can press the Alt + Enter combination when VRoid Studio is running. In this experiment, I used WINE version 5.6.


To extract files. zip from VRoid to automatically extract and create the required directory, please extract the file using the command "unzip" on the terminal.  So you won't waste time creating directories that match the address of the VRoid file in the .zip format. Thank you for the solution given in the disqus comment column below. You saved my time.

Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.