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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Try App Outlet On Xubuntu, Universal App Store for Linux Desktop!

In a forum, I often read the debate between the use of several types of package formats on Linux. In Ubuntu we know a variety of applications that are packaged in various packages. Examples are Flatpak, Appimage, Snap, Apt and others.

Sometimes, one user and another have different opinions when choosing a package. An example is in my post about the advantages of appimage. There are some comments about this package. There are pros and cons to this package. All returned to user needs. We cannot generalize the needs and choices of users who choose certain packages.

Another example is myself. I really like the snap package rather than appimage or flatpak. But this is only a need and a choice. Because each package has advantages and disadvantages.
Try App Outlet On Xubuntu, Universal App Store for Linux Desktop!
This time I want to discuss applications that provide application search from various package formats for Linux distributions, namely App Outlet. This application makes it easy for users to choose what package you want installed on the system. This application allows you to search for packages from Flatpak, Snap, and Appimage. To install the App Outlet, please go to this page!.

When I tried it on Xubuntu, I got this:

  • Facilitate users in finding application packages with certain types of package formats (for example from flatpak, snap, and appimage).
  • For applications that are packaged in flatpak. Can be directly installed via App-Outlet. But it requires settings on the linux desktop you are using.
  • It looks lighter and neat and modern. (Honestly, I'm more interested in seeing the appearance of App Outlet than Gnome Software).
  • Only 3 types of packages are still available. Maybe in the future can be added other types of packages.
  • For snap and appimage formats, we are still directed to the available links. Hopefully in the future, we can directly install snap and appimage through this application.

some of the points above are the result of when trying this application at this time (will be different again when this application continues to be developed). And I only wrote what I found when using this application. Maybe in the future, if this application is still being developed, and will be better than now.

App Outlet is one of the coolest breakthroughs for linux desktop users who want a universal app store for various types of packages on linux desktop. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.