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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Advantages Of Appimage Software

The Advantages Of Appimage Software
Image by Pixabay
Appimage is one of the portable software formats that can be used in various Linux distributions. To install this type of software in this format, you only need to open and run the application without the need to install it.

Some of the advantages of the software are .appimage format:
  • Easy to run, like running portable software on Windows.
  • Not as complicated as when we install software packages through the terminal by typing the command. This makes Appimage more friendly for new GNU / Linux users.
  • Not wasting time, because you don't need the installation process.
How to run appimage software on Ubuntu:
Right-click the software -> Properties -> select the Permissions menu and check "Allow file to run as program"/"Allow executing file as program". Next, right-click and execute software. Then the software will run on your computer and can be used immediately.

Appimage does not require installation, so to delete this type of file, just remove the software like deleting files in general. Easy? Yes, it is very simple and easy!.

A cool application for management of the Appimage software that you are using!
There are a number of additional applications that you can use to make it easier to organize and manage the appimage and use software, namely:
A cool application for management of the Appimage software that you are using!
Appimage Launcher
Not all software packed into the .appimage format provides the creation of a shortcut in the Applications menu. In fact, the icon shortcut on the Applications menu will make it easier for users to run the software, without having to go to the storage directory and execute it in that directory.

If you find it difficult to create a shortcut for Appimage, please install Appimage Launcher. This application is useful for managing the appimage software used. By installing Appimage Launcher, the appimage format software will automatically create a shortcut into the menu applications. The storage directory of the appimage software is also collected into 1 folder. You can get this application here.

Appimage Update
This application is useful for updating your .appimage software. Unlike the update when using a terminal in general. To update the appimage software using Appimage Updates it's very easy. You only need to run this application and choose the appimage software that you want to update. If there is an update from the software, the update process will automatically run, if there is no update, info failed will come out because there is no update info. You can get Appimage Updates, please go here.

What do you think? Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.