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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Try Screen Mirroring Android Using Wi-Fi on Ubuntu!

Try Screen Mirroring Android Using Wi-Fi on Ubuntu!
This picture is a photo when I screen mirroring using Nokia 6.
In the previous article, I once discussed screen mirroring on Ubuntu using Scrcpy. I like Scrcpy because this application is very light and runs very well when Screen Mirroring. And in this article, I will try Screen Mirroring using Wi-fi(wifi).

Screen Mirroring using wifi has several benefits. One of them is, we don't need to connect the device with a cable. So, when we are presentation a demo of an application made for smartphones, we can move freely because we don't use connecting cables when used for screen mirroring.

The steps below are for screen mirroring on Scrcpy using Wifi!:
1. I assume that you have installed adb on ubuntu / linux. If not installed, please install first with the following command:
sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb
2. Connect the Laptop / PC to the smartphone wifi (Tethering).
3. Enable USB Debugging on the Developer Options menu on your Android Smartphone.
4. Connect the USB cable and type command adb tcpip 5555 in the terminal.
5. Look for the IP Address on your device (smartphone data connection must be active).
6. Unplug the USB cable and please connect the device with the command:
adb connect Smartphone_IP_Address: 5555
Replace Smartphone_IP_Address with your IP Address Devices!.
7. Run Scrcpy(type scrcpy on terminal).

Pay attention to your smartphone. If there is a permission notification on your smartphone when running the steps above, please select allow.

In this experiment, I succeeded in screen mirroring using my own devices (Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Nokia 6). However, there is a slight delay between the computer screen and smartphone screen. But in this experiment, I didn't use Internal audio, because I don't know yet how to forward internal audio on a smartphone using Wifi. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.