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Monday, August 19, 2019

Easy Way to Screen Mirroring Android on Ubuntu!

Screen Mirroring is one of the features found on smartphones, one of which is on Android. This feature serves to display the smartphone to a computer. This is very useful for example when used for demo applications that you make, or maybe for other things related to smartphones.

In Ubuntu, we can do screen mirroring with applications available on Android, for example is AirDroid which can be used for screen mirroring through a browser. But I feel less optimal when using this instant method.

Because there is a lag between activity on the smartphone and on the monitor screen on the computer, and the results are less than optimal. What might be the cause because it is opened through a browser and uses wi-fi? (Personal question).

I am looking for another application for screen mirroring on Ubuntu, and one of the very good applications is Scrcpy. This application can be used for screen mirroring without a root device.

So it's very easy to use. Scrcpy is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. To install it on Ubuntu,  it can be installed via snap with the following command !.

sudo snap install scrcpy

These are some of the requirements for running scrcpy smoothly on Ubuntu!
  • On an Android device, the user must enable USB Debugging on the Developer Option.
  • Your device has android version 5.0 and above.
  • To be able to control an Android device using a mouse and keyboard on Ubuntu, you must activate a certain menu.
If Scrcpy is already installed, please connect your device to a computer with USB, and to run screen mirroring using Scrcpy, please open a terminal, type scrcpy. If successful, will appear as shown below:
Screen Mirroring Android On Ubuntu
To see what features are available, you can see this application's help menu. Please type scrcpy --help, there are many shortcuts that you can use for device settings that will be displayed on the computer monitor. Or you can go to this page to see the functions of the shortcut.

Can Scrcpy use internal audio on Android?

Yes, but for other application combinations, USBAudio. To install it you can go to this site, and please also read the instructions on how to install usbaudio on that site. At this time, USBAudio is only available for Linux.

For Xubuntu users, you can create a practical shortcut menu for running scrcpy without terminals using MenuLibre. In the app, you can create a shortcut to run scrcpy with the settings you want, for example, in the image below!.
Make Shortcut Menu For Scrcpy on Xubuntu
In the picture, I created a shortcut menu to run Scrcpy without opening a terminal by setting the title that will appear in the window when scrcpy is run. In the settings menu, I give the name "Test", on the device that will be displayed by Scrcpy.

You can also watch the tutorial how to screen mirroring android on ubuntu on the video below:

Hopefully useful and ENJOY!.