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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fix Xfce Desktop Error, Can't Right-Click and Change Wallpaper

Fix Xfce Desktop Error, Can't Right-Click and Change Wallpaper

I put this article in the label Story, because I don't really know for sure when I can resolve errors in xfce desktop on Xubuntu 18.04 that I use. At that time, when I wanted to set a wallpaper on the Xubuntu desktop, right-click on the desktop didn't work. Finally, I tried changing the wallpaper via Settings Manager in Xfce. However, that also didn't work, when I chose other wallpapers, I didn't see the wallpaper change on the desktop.

I feel there is a problem in the desktop environment. When I browse, many people who use XFCE also ask about this problem, which is not being able to change the wallpaper and unable to display the menu on the desktop using right-click. In fact, in the Desktop settings, the user checks the "Include Application Menu On Desktop right-click".

Various ways and suggestions written by people who are members of the forum have not been able to provide solutions to this problem. But finally I found another distribution forum here, which discussed the same problem.

There is one user who writes that the problem is related to the xfdesktop crash. It turned out to be true, when I tried to call xfdesktop, I got an error. However, when I try to run the command "xfdesktop" again in the terminal, there are no more error messages. And the result, when I restart the laptop, right-click and the Desktop menu returns to normal, and I can change the wallpaper.

For users of the Xfce desktop environment who experience the same problem as I experienced. Maybe you can type the command xfdesktop in the terminal to fix the problem. Hopefully useful and ENJOY!.