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Friday, April 5, 2019

WPS Office Updates For Linux!

Wps Office is one of the best Micorsoft Office alternatives that can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, OSX. This time WPS has updated its version to version 11. In this version the user will see a new display.
WPS Office Updates For Ubuntu Linux!
WPS have interesting features,there are:
  • Open new documents easily, such as creating a new Tab in the browser.
  • Change skin. The latest WPS has 2 skins, dark and white. You can also custom skin as desired.
  • Font size preview. This feature is useful to see the font size before change it.
  • New navigation panel.
  • Support SVG images And many other new things.
How to install WPS on Ubuntu?

To install this software on Ubuntu it's very easy. Prepare the .deb file that can be found on the official site here!. Next, please install using the GDebi Package Installer, or you can use the terminal with the command:
sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb

My opinion when using this version of WPS

I prefer the previous WPS interface. However, the new interface isn't too bad. I feel like I'm using a browser when typing documents in this latest version of WPS Office.
Based on my experience, in this version, WPS runs lighter and smoother than the previous version on the laptop that I use.How do you think? Hopefully useful, ENJOY!.