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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Various Kinds Of Android-based Operating Systems For PC!

Various Kinds Of Android-based Operating Systems For PC
Image  by pixabay
Android is a mobile operating system that is currently found on smartphones sold in stores. In the increasingly sophisticated mobile era, Android is one of the OS that is widely used(based on info from netmarketshare).

Currently there are several operating systems for PCs based on Android, and you can install them. What are the operating systems? Check out a few points below!

1. Android-x86
Is one of the pioneering OS of various kinds of Android OS that is released for PC. Many Android-based OS for PCs that use Android-x86 as the initial foundation to build the operating system they want. Currently, the Android-x86 project is still being developed and getting updates.

2. Remix OS
An almost mature Android-based OS. I said so because the project from the OS remix was discontinued. But for those of you who want to try installing it on a PC, please visit this site!. Remix OS is one of the Android operating systems that has a pretty cool desktop display.

3. PhoenixOS
When Remix OS discontinued, other Android-based OSes like Phoenix OS were released. Phoenix OS began to be known to many people in forums because of the ease of installing it on a Windows operating system. In the past, when I used Windows 7, to install Phoenix OS just like installing a regular .exe application. If it's on Linux, it might be felt when trying to install Ubuntu using Wubi.

or now, maybe Phoenix OS is one of the best Android OS. Unfortunately, the support provided by this OS, more focused on 64bit architecture, and for the use of operating systems with 32bit architecture must be satisfied with the update up to 1.50 lollipop.

In addition to developing an Android-based OS, Phoenix OS also makes several applications that are installed by default on this OS. An example is Stardust Browser.

4. PrimeOS
PrimeOS is a relatively new OS. Developed by developers from India, and when this article was written, Prime OS is still on version 0.40.

The desktop display offered by PrimeOS looks better. And for those of you who still use computers with 32-bit architecture, you can still enjoy the development of PrimeOS. Because for now, the developer is also still updating for 32-bit. This is a one of the advantages from PrimeOS.

5. OpenThos
OpenThos is an OS developed from android-x86. Has a cool look like Windows. I have never tried this OS because of language constraints when visiting the official site.