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Monday, February 18, 2019

5 Cool Icon Themes for Your Linux Desktop

Icon is one of the factors that makes the appearance of a software, application or operating system more attractive. The icon is also useful for us to recognize a menu.
5 Cool Icon Themes for Your Linux Desktop
Image by Pixabay
An example is when you see an icon like in the picture below, you certainly know that it is a Find/Search menu icon.
On Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, we can also change the default display icon as desired. Many cool icons that you can use to enhance the appearance of Ubuntu.

Here are some cool icons for Ubuntu and other distributions, which I recommend for you!

1. Zafiro
Zafiro Icon themes

If you like the flat icon design, Zafiro is one of the icons that I recommend. This cool icon has a flat design and a minimalist style. Zafiro is one of the icons with a good score on the site opendesktop.org. You can visit this site to get the zafiro icon.

2. Antu
Antu Icon

This icon looks colorful and cool. Antu is one of the favorite icons that scored well after Zafiro on the xfce-look site. Antu was developed by Fabianalexis, and this icon is still updated by the designer. Please go here to see the details of Antu Icon.

3. Buuf
Buuf Icon themes

Icons that have a classic impression. When using this icon, I imagine that the computer I use is an old computer. Actually, Buuf is one of the icons released in 2007. And now it's being developed again by other designers with a look that is still the same as before but better and gets updated. Please go to here to get the Buuf Icon.

4. Ubo Icon Themes
Ubo Icons

An icon that looks like a picture made using a hand. According to information from what I read, this icon is indeed made using ballpoints and colored using the GIMP software. You can apply this icon to several desktop environments such as KDE, Gnome, XFCE, and LXDE.

To get Ubo Icon themes, you can visit this site!.

5. Clarity
Clarity Icons

If you like the appearance of simple icons with a little color, maybe you need to try Clarity. This icon looks simple with a little color combination.There are several color choices that you can choose. And all of them have the same concept of focusing on 1 color given a gradient effect.

To get Clarity Icon, please go to here!