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Monday, February 4, 2019

4 Screen Recording Apps That You Can Be Used On Ubuntu!

4 Screen Recording Apps That You Can Be Used On Ubuntu!
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Screen recorders are widely used for various purposes such as making a video tutorial. On Ubuntu and other Linux distributions there are several applications that are good for screen recording. Below is a list of screen recording applications that you can use in Ubuntu or other distributions!

1. Kazam Screencaster
Although this application has not been updated for a long time, it is very powerful and good for you to use. Kazam has quite a lot of features like I have written in a post about Kazam Screencaster.

To install Kazam Screencaster, please go here!

2. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio
e of the free and open source screen recording and live streaming applications used by people who like to stream videos on Youtube, twitch and mixer .OBS provides many features needed by streamers. For those of you who want to try OBS Studio, please go here!

3. Green Recorder
Besides being used to record screens, we can use this application to record to the .gif format. I have not tried whether the .gif recordings from this application are better than Peek or not.

To install Green Recorder on Ubuntu / Linux mint, you can follow the instructions here!.

4. SimpleScreenRecorder
This application is made for the purpose of recording screens when running a program or playing games on a PC. According to Maarten Baert (SimpleScreenRecorder Developer), he made this application aim to create programs that could be used easily and practically.

To install it, please go here!.

You can choose a screen recorder apps according to your needs. If there are some suggestions for similar applications, please write in the comments column. May be useful.