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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

WineHQ 4.0 release!, what are the features?

A few days ago, the developer published a Wine 4.0 stable version. Wine is one of the software functions to run Windows applications on Linux. So, when using Wine, Linux users can run an .exe format application from Windows.

Everyone Piano On Linux using WINEHQ

Wine does not work as an emulator, because it has a different way of working from the emulator. In essence, this software works by translating applications made for Windows to be understood by Unix, CMIIW.

And this time, in version 4.0, Wine provides several additional features that focus on the game. This is a new breakthrough, and my own attraction for me who is also a game fan.

Features of Wine 4.0 Stable

High-DPI Support on Android
Direct3D 12 Support
Vulkan support

We know that Vulkan is one of the breakthroughs in the world of graphic technology to optimize graphic display on computers. So, we can play games with graphical displays that are better using Vulkan.

Game Controllers Support

Playing games using a controller is more exciting, and now WINE supports several game controllers that you can use to play games.

I have discussed this application in a post about Is Ubuntu Good for Gaming?. And in this version, wine proves that they also developed the application for gaming needs.

To install Wine on Ubuntu, please visit this link. And make sure, that you really follow the instructions correctly.

One of the better changes to Wine is when I try to install an application for Windows (EveryonePiano), which used to not run well. But for the current version it can run smoothly. I haven't experimented on other applications. Maybe for those of you who have tried running other Windows applications on WINE 4.0, you can tell me in the comments field. May be useful!