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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Is Ubuntu Good for Gaming?

This question might appear to you when you want to use one of the Linux distributions, one of them is Ubuntu. Usually every developer who develops this operating system has a variety of objectives, such as office, network, programming, and others.

How about the game?

Is Ubuntu Good for Gamers?
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In a Linux-based operating system like Ubuntu, we can play available games, but, what if we want to play games like on Windows?This is actually depends on the developer of the game. If the game can be used for Linux, then you can also play using this operating system.

However, if only available for Windows and Mac platforms, you can try using the WINE .

Is the problem resolved?

Not yet!. For games that are only available on Windows, you may not be able to run them with WINE, because not all game applications run well when opened via WINE.

But, for now, Wine continues to be developed to meet the needs of Linux users, so we need to appreciate it.

A few years ago, there was a breakthrough from one of the big companies that enlivened the gaming market, namely Valve, which released Steam Linux. Steam for Linux comes and is welcomed by Linux gamers who might dream of being able to run games from Steam on Linux. Yes, for now there are several steam games that we can run on Linux, one of which is the MOBA game like DOTA2.

For those of you who are PC gamers who want to use Linux, you will think twice about using this operating system for gaming purposes. And in my experience, for now the Linux operating system has also been trying to meet the needs of gamers, but it hasn't been as good as when we run various games on Windows.

Other than that, there are several factors why there aren't as many games on Linux as in Windows such as Linux users have a small percentage according to the site Netmarketshare, and maybe, made many developers think again to release the game on the Linux platform.

So, if you are a PC gamer who often explores and plays a lot of games, maybe Linux, for now it's less suitable for you.