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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Some questions that are usually asked by new Linux users

Some questions that are usually asked by new Linux users
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Linux-based operating system is one of the operating systems that you can choose as an alternative, in addition to using Windows, or Mac OS. When using this operating system, you will feel a lot of difference. Especially if you are a Windows user, which can be said to be an operating system that is easy to operate.

And when you try to use a Linux-based OS, surely you will get a new experience and have many questions in your mind. Some of the questions below are questions that are often asked by new users when they start using Linux!

And I will try to respond to these questions with answers according to personal experience when using a Linux-based operating system.

0. What is the difference between Windows and Linux-based operating systems?

Both are operating systems that you can use for daily activities. However, Linux-based operating systems are usually open source and free. So you can try it legally, without spending money. As with Windows, which includes the operating system that we need to buy when we are going to use it legally.

1. Is linux difficult to use?

A question that I often encounter when reading threads from forums in my country. Many people think that using the Linux operating system is different from Windows.

And it is true, using one of the Linux distributions for daily activies is a little different from Windows. There are also many different applications that are used because in Linux, there are many free and open source applications.

So, using a Linux-based operating system depends on how you learn the operating system. Actually, if you have the desire to learn like when learning to use Windows. You will also understand quickly.

2. What is Linux Distribution?

Linux distribution (linux distro) is a term used to represent an operating system that is complete with its application, and includes families from unix and using linux kernels.

3. How to install applications on Linux?

Every Linux distro has a different way to install applications. But usually we can install it via the terminal by typing a command. However, currently there are many Linux distributions that are more user friendly. So, many distributions provide services to install the application in the app store provided. For example the Software Center on Ubuntu.

4. Do I have to know the basic Linux commands?

Actually, to operate a Linux distro that is user friendly (eg endless os) is easy. But we better understand about the basic commands that are on Linux. Because basically, Linux is closely related to the terminal. And in my opinion, that is the attraction of Linux distributions.

5. What are GNOME, XFCE, LXDE, etc.?

This is a variety of Desktop environments. That is the application that is used to display the GUI. And on Linux there are many desktop environments that you can choose as you want.

6. How to play games on Linux?

On some Linux distributions, there are games that you can play. You can also install other games that support Linux through the software center / appstore provided, or directly from the game's website.

However, if what you mean is playing games that are only available for Windows. You can try using WINE or Play On Linux. I have discussed this question in a post on this blog about "Is ubuntu good for gaming?".

7. Where is the local disk (C), (D), etc.?

When using Linux, you will not find a local disk like Windows. Setting directories on Linux is different from Windows, but it doesn't make it difficult for users when adapting to using Linux.