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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

7 Open Source Software Related To Music

7 Open Source Software Related To Music
Image by Pixabay

In Ubuntu or various Linux distributions, we can find lots of cool and open source software that can be used as an alternative to paid software.

This time I want to discuss some software that you can use for the purposes of making music. The software that I use is open source and can be used for free, but that does not mean it has poor quality.  7 software Below is software related to music and can be used for free!

1. LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio)

One of the software that I always use to make music. There are some music that I have made using LMMS, one of which is the demo below!
LMMS can be an alternative for those of you who use Fuity Loop. With this software we can make music, according to the genre of interest. In LMMS there are also many effects that are ready to be used for your needs in making music.

2. Audacity

Audacity is a software that simple and easy to use for processing and editing audio files. This software can be installed on many operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

I have used this software to combine 2 audio tracks and the results are pretty good. Audacity is still being updated today. When this article was written, this software was updated on version 2.3.0.

3. MuseScore

For those of you who like to make music arrangements, MuseScore can be an alternative to various paid software to create a song score.

To be able to use this software, you also need to understand the notations in song parts that are often written by composers. Besides being able to make scores using MuseScore, you can play them to see the results of the scores that you have made.

4. Rosegarden

If you like making MIDI audio files, maybe you need to try this application too. Rosegarden does look simple, but from some demos that I saw on YouTube, this software is good enough to make a song. Rosegarden can also read and edit notations.

5. Mixxx

Mixxx is one of the software used for DJ purposes. In this software you can also find many available features such as BPM, key detection and sync, effects, and others.

6. ZynAddSubFX

I only know that this software is one of the plugins in LMMS. But it turns out that on the official site also provides the application for those who need it.

For those of you who like to play using synthesizers, please try it!

7. Ardour

I think this software is a combination of LMMS and Audacity. Because the features of Ardour already include the two software that I mentioned. In addition to editing multiple audio tracks, Ardour can also read plugins like LV2 and VST.

From some of the software I mentioned above, I usually use 3 software to make music, that is LMMS, MuseScore and Audacity. In addition, you can see more 20 open source software for music purposes here!