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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Some Applications In Linux That I often use in everyday life!

Some Aplications In Linux That I often use in everyday life!
Image Via Pixabay
This time I as a writer on this blog, I want to tell about the software and applications that are on Linux and I use for various purposes. Usually, everyone has their own needs in using an application.
And this time, in this post I want to write an application that I often use in daily activities, especially those related to writing activities.

1. Mozilla Firefox Quantum
One application that I often use is browser, because the writing activity that I do is directly related to the internet. So I need a browser that is not too heavy to run on my old laptop, and works optimally. And my choice is on Firefox Quantum. In my opinion, this browser runs very well on my computer with minimal specifications.

2. Mousepad
As in Windows that uses Notepad, Mousepad also has the same function as a text editor application. I used to use gedit before. But after changing the desktop environment display, I am more comfortable seeing the text editor application from this XFCE Desktop Enviroment.

3. Terminal
Terminal is one of the important applications for me. I often use this application to install / uninstall software, check network connections, etc.

This software is an alternative Photoshop that you can use on Windows and Linux. I often use Gimp for editing images or photos for blogging activities.

5. Kdenlive
There are some videos that I have made, using Kdenlive. You can look for it on the Fosslicious Youtube channel. Kdenlive is easy to use, to make a video. The available features are quite a lot and can meet my needs who prefer to make a simple video tutorial.

6. Kazam Screencaster
One software that you must install on Linux, if you often record screens for example for the purposes of making an interactive tutorial or other. This screen recording software is very easy to use and has good and clear recording quality.

7. Telegram Messenger
Telegram is a chat application similar to Whatsapp, but this application is an open source project. In my opinion, there are many useful features of Telegram. I often backup document files using this application because there is a save message menu available.

8. VLC
I am one type of person who likes to listen to music while writing. So, this application is often used by me to play an audio or video file. Actually, in Linux there are many media player applications that you can choose from. However, for me VLC is still the best.