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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kdenlive, Software For Editing And Making Videos

Kdenlive For Editing And Making Videos

Kdenlive is one of the open source software that you can use to make a video or do editing. This software is very powerful with various features provided.

I often use Kdenlive to make a tutorial video on my youtube channel, Fosslicious (Sorry, the content that I uploaded is only a little, hehe).

A little story why I can like this software!

At that time, I needed a software to make videos and easy to learn. there are several choices that I tried, one of them is Kdenlive.

At first, I was very interested in openshot which provides features and various conveniences. But for some reason there are some errors that I have found when using this software on my computer.

And finally I tried Kdenlive to make a video slide show image like some videos that I uploaded on this web youtube channel.

When I first used this software, I felt confused seeing various kinds of menus. But, after learning it through several tutorials written by several bloggers, I finally understood more about how to use it.

Apparently, using this software is not too difficult, when we know the usefulness of existing menus.

Kdenlive also has many settings before we render the results of the videos that have been made. There are many default effects that you can use to decorate your video, as well as several video formats.

This software runs quite smoothly on my old computer with the specifications of 2GB RAM and dual core processor. The features provided are also quite a lot, you can read it here. To install or get live, you can visit the official website of the site here.

For now, this software is only available for several Linux distributions.