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Sunday, December 9, 2018

How To Change Kdenlive Themes And Style

Kdenlive is one simple software that is good for creating or editing videos. On the default display, you will see this software has a bright appearance with white. like the picture below:

kdenlive default themes

But in this case, I don't really like the bright display, so I replaced it with another theme provided. To change the theme from Kdenlive, you can go to Settings -> Theme menu. And you can choose the themes provided, one of which is a dark look, namely Dark Breeze that I chose as shown below!

Kdenlive Breeze Dark Themes

In addition, you can change the style of Kdenlive in the Settings --> Style. There are several style choices that you can choose.

But in my opinion, the changes to the style provided are not too significant, such as when changing themes. Unless you choose a Windows Style that will change the appearance of Kdenlive's menus to look like on classic Windows displays.

Kdenlive Windows Style

May be useful.