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Friday, September 7, 2018

How To Choose The Best Linux Distribution For You?

How to choose the Best Linux Distribution for you?
Image by Pixabay
Choosing the right Linux distribution is an important thing for those of you who are starting to migrate to Linux. It's actually easy, because there are many articles that recommend a distribution for beginners. I have also written on this blog about "Linux Distro for beginners". However, if you really want to find the most suitable distro. You can try the steps below!

1. Collect information about Linux distributions!
Collecting information about the distro that will be used is one of the right steps, so it is not wrong to use distros aimed at advanced users.

You can collect distribution information by searching for favorite distributions that are mostly used by new users, or can visit sites that collect data about a distro, for example Distrowatch, Distrochooser, etc.

Please adjust the hardware specifications that you have, with the Linux distribution system requirements that you want to try, because every Linux distribution requires different hardware specifications.

2. Create a list of distributions that you want to use
If you have found many distro options along with information and reviews of its users, you can create a distro list that makes you interested. Usually, at this point you will find more than 1 distribution that you want to try.

3. Try the Linux distribution in the list
Next, you can try the distro that you have written in the list. By trying the distro that has been selected, will get experience when using it. At this point, maybe you can determine the most suitable distro.

To try Linux distributions you can try directly from the browser via the Distrotest site, without having to download it first. So it will save time. But, inside the site, not all distributions are available. 

So, if there is one distro that isn't on the Distrotest list, the way to try it is to download it and run it using a Live CD.

4. Start choosing
When you try a Linux distribution, you will get experience when using the distribution. In this case you might find a Linux distribution that is perfect for you.