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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linux Distributions That Use Rolling Release!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linux Distributions That Use Rolling Release!
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Developers A Linux distribution has several ways to update the version of the operating system that they developed. One of them is by rolling release package updates.

Rolling Release is a concept that provides continuous updates to the user. If you use the Rolling Release distro, it will not be bothered with an operating system version update, such as a distribution that uses the Fixed Release concept that has its own update schedule.

Some advantages of distributions with the concept of rolling release!

  • Can try and enjoy the latest software which is often known as bleeding edge.
  • Always update
  • Does not require downloading a new .iso file which usually has a longer size when there is a version update. So you won't find a periodic OS release.

Some Linux distributions that use this concept are Arch Linux, Manjaro, PC Linux OS, Deepin, Antergos, OpenSuse Tumbleweed, and many more. You can see a list of distributions that use the rolling release concept in

Having advantages doesn't mean that you have no shortcomings. The rolling release concept also has some disadvantages, as I wrote below!

- Bleeding Edge

Bleeding edge in Linux, for example, users can try the latest applications released by the developer, and the application may not be stable. So, the user can be an experiment in using the application and will be evaluated by the developer to become a more stable version.

- Must be ready with an internet connection that has become a necessity because this concept does require the user to always update. If the user does not update for a long time, it will probably accumulate and the file size gets bigger.

- Not intended for users who are new to Linux.

This concept is more suitable for use by Linux users who already understand quite well. For example there is an error when updating the package, the user must be able to fix it themselves. Because every package that is updated can be some that is not stable and there are still many bugs.

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