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Thursday, August 9, 2018

How To Add An Icon On Linux?

icon is one of the factors that makes the desktop display of your computer more beautiful. In addition, the icon also makes it easy for us to memorize an application's menu. Everything in the computer usually has an icon, and the icon makes the user more familiar with the functions of the menus on the computer (just based on my opinion, lol).

In various Linux distributions, we can set the icon that you want to use. Lots of icon designers, sharing their work on the internet. And you can search for the most preferred icon view!

On a Linux distribution, for example Ubuntu, we can also change the style of the default icon. the steps below are ways to add icons on Linux!

1. Prepare the icon file that you want to use (I use the Newaita-Dark icon for XFCE). For Linux, it can usually be found on sites like, or adjusting the Desktop Environment used. I use Xfce, so I get an icon file on

If you are looking for an icon on the site that I mentioned above, the icon you usually get is an .tar.gz file.

2. Please extract and read README in the file. Usually in the README file, there are installation instructions, but actually, you can install the icon directly in the /usr/share/icons directory.

3. Please copy the icon file to the /usr/share/icons directory. Open Settings Manager -> Appearance, and select on the Icons menu. Please search for the icon that was copied. Usually, there will be a list of new icons that enter as shown below:

How To Add An Icon On Linux?

To remove the warning in the picture above, please point the cursor to the warning sign, and a tips command will appear, which you need to type in the terminal to remove the warning sign.