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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Software To Run Windows Applications(.exe) On Linux!

Software To Run Windows Applications On Linux!

Software developers on Linux are always trying to develop a variety of applications to suit the needs of users, one of which is to create applications that can be used to run the file. Exe.

We know that file with that format, used by developers of windows operating system. Sometimes, some applications are made specifically for windows, and are not available for Linux. Therefore, some developers make a breakthrough by developing applications that can run software for windows operating system.

Some of the points below are the list of apps, which you can use to run .exe files on Linux!

1. Wine

I include Linux users who follow the development of Wine which is currently known as WineHQ. This app has undergone many changes, and is still updated frequently. According to the description of the official website, Wine is an acronym of Wine Is Not an Emulator). You can find more information on the Wine official site.

In my personal opinion, for now, wine is one of the best free applications that you can use to run windows operating system software. Although there are some software or applications that do not run smoothly, when run using wine.

A dedicated Linux app for gamers. Yes, this application is developed to be able to run a PC game that is intended for windows operating system.

According to information from the internet, this app uses Wine project as the basis for making it. And has been modified for the needs of playing games. If you are a PC gamer using Linux. Perhaps, this application can help you run a collection of games from windows.

But, I also can not guarantee, PlayOnLinux can run certain games from the windows platform very smoothly.

One project, developed to be able to run various windows software on other platforms for example is Linux and Mac. This app is not a free app. However, you can try Trial a few days, and if interested, you can buy it.

Actually, there are some other application projects that have the same function, however, for now, the 3 points that I write are recommendations for those Linux users who want to run windows applications. May be useful.

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