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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Microsoft Word Alternative Software

Microsoft Word Alternative Software

Microsoft Word is one software that is widely used by individuals or companies to process a word. MS Word is a paid program, so, to be able to use it fully, we can buy genuine software sold by Microsoft.

However, if you do not have the funds or may prefer a free version similar to MS Word. You can choose some other free word processing software, which I write in the points below!

This application is widely used in various linux distro, for example ubuntu as a replacement for MS Word with the same function. LibreOffice also provides other office applications such as Libre Calc, Draw, Math, etc.

Excellence of LibreOffice Writer:

- Libre Office can be used for free and open source.

- Can open microsoft office format.- Has functions and features similar to MS Office.

- Can be used to export documents to .pdf format.

- Can be used in various operating systems (windows, linux, mac)

- When this article was created, Libre office still support 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

To install this software on Ubuntu and other distros is also easy, by downloading the software here, and adjusting to your device type (for example I use Ubuntu, meaning I will choose a file with .deb format). And can be directly installed using the Gdebi Package installer or via a terminal using commands.

One alternative software that you can choose for word processing needs. Open office in general is not too different from Libre Writer or MS Word. This software is developed by the Apache Software Foundation. If you are looking for a good free word processing application, this software is one of them.

Just like LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice also provides various other office software as an alternative to MS Office. I observe, this software is rarely updated, the last update version is still in December 2017 and until now it seems there has been no further update.

Previously, known as Kingsoft, and now turned into WPS Office (Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet). Software developed by developers from China can reach many platforms. In addition to PC Devices, WPS office is also available in Android and iPhone. Even on some smartphone devices made in China, this application is also included as a default application.

WPS office has a very familiar look like MS Word, so, for those of you who are familiar with MS Word, when you use WPS Office, you will see a twin from MS word with free version.

It is a word processing software that has the same functionality as MS word. When visiting the site, I see that Abiword rarely updates, and the look of the software still impresses like the old look of MS Word.

However, Abiword is one software that is pretty lightly run on an old PC device. And it seems, this software is only available for linux OS.

Some of the software that I write above has advantages and disadvantages of each. Please choose as needed. But, if you want a recommendation, I recommend Libre Office. May be useful.

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