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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why Choose Open Source?

Why Choose Open Source?
Good morning, Are you also a user of open source software? If true, then we are the same, hehehehe. Open source is one alternative, which can be used to meet the needs of your computer technology. Although currently, the popularity of open source is still less than paid software, but not close the possibility, the future many who give appreciation on these softwares.

For those of us who use open source software must also be grateful to the many developers who are willing to make applications to facilitate the conduct of computerization activities. Why do I strongly support FOSS (Free and Open Source Software?). I will describe some personal reasons in the following points:

1. Free

Open source software is mostly free, although maybe, there are some who pay, if you want to get better service. The number of free and open source applications in various categories is one of the things that encourage me to want to know more about open source. Why can they provide for free an app, which even to make it not easy ?. Hmm, maybe people who struggle in this realm, do want to contribute more in the technology world equally.

2. Free from software piracy activities

The number of pirated software is indeed an advantage for some people who can not afford to pay for the program being hijacked. But plowing is one of the things that is also detrimental to the provider of the program. For this FOSS program, we do not need to commit such a crime. Simply download it and use it. Wouldn't that be easier?

3. So much to learn

In the world of Foss are many applications that almost like paid apps, but it is commonplace, as long as it is not a copyright infringement. I learn more when using FOSS, for example when using Linux operating system with Ubuntu distro. At that time, we must also start to learn new things such as using a command typed in the terminal.

4. More free for the costume as needed

This is my pleasure when using free open source OS. We are free to change the look or modify various other things when using FOSS. Usually, this is done by some people who joined in a forum, to create a new distro in accordance with the needs of the forum. Hence, a lot of linux distributions are spread out for free. Even sometimes we are confused to choose the most appropriate distro to use. Because it all depends on your needs.

That's just some of my opinions, and for you who want to start using an opensource-based OS, I suggest you use Linux Mint or Ubuntu. Both linux distro is designed to facilitate the newbie in using linux operating system that actually more often use Command Line Interface mode than GUI Mode. And in this case, Linux Mint or Ubuntu is pretty good for operation in GUI mode. In addition, many application support in various categories are provided by open source developers.

Actually, in addition to ubuntu and linux mint, there are many other distros that are already GUI based and easy to use. And you are free to choose.

Image source: pixabay