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Monday, July 8, 2024

Goodbye Archcraft Linux, Thank You for This Year, I Switched to Endeavor OS!

My journey using a Linux distro has been very long. Since I first got to know Linux in 2010, I still often try various distros that are suitable. Because, at that time I was still in school and had lots of time to try it.

And nowadays, I don't have as much free time as I used to. But I still really like using Linux Distros. When I experienced an error, maybe I would have been enthusiastic about finding a solution. Some errors can be fixed, however, some others made me reinstall the distro I was using. From Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Archcraft and finally now using Endeavor OS.

Switching from one distro to another is easy in my opinion, but what you might miss is the environment of the distro system. Like yesterday when using Archcraft. I really like this distro because it is simple and has a cool appearance from the developer's concoction.

But I admit, I often encounter various problems, and they often occur when I upgrade packages. This happens very often and makes me have to ask the forum or look for the problem myself.

Maybe when I still have a lot of free time, it would be really fun to be able to find solutions to the problems I am facing. But for now, this is making it difficult for me, even when I want to use the laptop to start doing some work, it would be a waste of time if the error is not resolved or new problems are found.

I understand that Arch Linux is a Rolling Release and maybe some packages that will be installed are not yet or cannot be stable and run well. However, nowadays this really requires more time and energy to find a solution, and it can take days if the problem that arises is complex. So there have been several times when I reinstalled Archcraft because of upgrade problems that I couldn't solve myself, besides, even though sometimes many problems have been marked FIX or Solved on the forums I visit, this sometimes doesn't work on the distro I use.

So the final solution when you get stuck is to reinstall. Reinstalling the system is a hassle because you have to install applications and set up the system as it was before getting problems that cannot be resolved. And finally I gave up using Archcraft Linux and switched to another distro.

Using Endeavor OS

Goodbye Archcraft Linux, Thank You for This Year, I Switched to Endeavor OS!
Endeavor OS

When I searched for an easy Arch-based Linux distro, Endeavor came up second after Manjaro. Ok, I tried Manjaro and it only got to the end of the installation, when it booted it had a kernel panic. And at that time I never tried Manjaro again. Next is Endeavor OS.

This distro has easy installation applications, such as Archcraft Linux. And the desktop environment I chose was Plasma 6. Wow, I actually didn't really like KDE in the past, but when I ran Endeavor OS with Plasma 6, my view on KDE changed. I think that KDE as before still feels heavy because at some times there is a slight lag or freeze (personal experience using the KDE desktop). But when I tried Plasma 6, everything seemed to run smoothly. Even on Endeavor, I can upgrade packages without having to write commands!.

Some of the advantages of Endeavor OS with Plasma 6 that I use:

1. Very easy to learn for users who are not yet experts with Linux distros, especially those based on Archlinux.

2. Minimize the use of commands because there are several menus that can be used instead of typing a command, for example to upgrade, update, change repository.

3. Setting up the application is easier than other distros, for example, when I want to change the theme and am bored with the existing theme, I can directly download the theme from the theme settings application provided. Very easy, right?

4, I think Endeavor OS is very suitable for people who don't have much time and want to work straight away using a laptop.

5. The appearance of KDE Plasma 6 is very good, the design from the start when logging in to the interface looks modern and easy to set up yourself.

6. There is quite a large community on the forum, so if you might have problems with this distro. Please ask on the official forum.

7. During installation, we can immediately have the default package that we want to install. And there are not too many default applications installed. So, don't fill up storage with applications that won't be used.

Maybe that's some of my views on Endeavor OS at the moment, hopefully for long term use, this OS won't experience problems, especially when there is a large package upgrade.