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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

How To Enable Virtual Emulated Desktop On Proton Steam On Ubuntu Linux!

Proton is an application released by Valve that is used to run Windows Operating System Games on Linux. We can install this application via Steam.


To see a list of games that can be run on Proton, please visit ProtonDB. There are also some discussions posted by users regarding problems when running games using Proton.


Proton was developed from Wine. So, some features of Wine can be used in this application. One of them is Virtual Emulated Desktop.

Virtual Emulated desktop allows users to change the screen resolution according to their wishes. In my previous article, I discussed this feature when running Vroid Studio on Ubuntu and it was freezing. And when activating Virtual Emulated Desktop, the application doesn't freeze and runs smoothly.

However, not all cases of freezing applications that are running will be resolved by activating Virtual Emulated Desktop.

How to Enable Virtual Emulated Desktop on Proton?


To enable this feature, you must know the path of the Game App ID that installed on Steam. To see it, please open the game library on Steam and select Properties on the game. In the Updates menu there is the App Id of the game.


Next, look for the App ID of the game you want to run using Virtual Emulated Desktop in the directory:



Finally, please run the command below:


WINEPREFIX=/home/your_home_name/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/game_app_id/pfx/ winecfg

Please replace your_home_name with your home name, and in app_id_game, please replace it with the App id of the game.


Proton Virtual Emulated Desktop

If successful, the Wine Configuration menu will appear as shown above, and the user can activate the Virtual Emulated Desktop on the desired game.


Hopefully Helpful and ENJOY!...