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Sunday, August 15, 2021

I'm Running A Game On Steam on Ubuntu Linux With Intel HD 4000, It Worked or Failed?

Run game on steam with Linux Ubuntu
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Playing Games With Potato Latop On Ubuntu Using WINEHQ


     I have a laptop with specs: Core i5 3th Gen, 8GB RAM, GPU Intel HD 4000 and using Ubuntu Linux. I want to play my favorite game that I used to play on Windows(Super Mecha Champions). I once tried running it on Ubuntu using Wine, but it didn't work.


After editing the configuration on Ubuntu, finally, it can run on Wine. However, the gaming experience when using Ubuntu on my favorite games was very bad. Because when on Windows I can play this game smoothly.

When I tried it on Linux, in the tutorial section, the game was very laggy and didn't run smoothly. I suspect that the driver in Ubuntu is not running optimally by default, and at that time I was lazy to find a way to maximize graphics from Intel HD 4000 in Ubuntu.

Finally I skipped to play this game because I don't use windows anymore. However, a friend posted that this game was moved on Steam. I'm interested in trying it again and immediately installing Steam for Ubuntu and the games on the laptop. Installation was successful.


Trying To Run The Same Game On Proton Steam


Game On Linux Steam

    After installing the Game, I tried pressing the "PLAY" button on Steam and.... The game won't run. Okay, maybe Intel HD 4000 is not suitable for playing this game. Finally I read some of the posts of people on ProtonDB and found posts discussing the Super Mecha Champions game.


Some users ask why this game won't run. In fact, many users there are using a GPU that is much better than mine (based on the specifications info on the right of the user's post). I thought, if they can't run it on a PC with such cool specs, what about the specs of this potato? Definitely can't either.


However, in the forums that discuss this game, many users can solve this problem by using WineD3D. To run this game, it turns out that you need to add command to the game before running it. That is by adding this command:


PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

I also tried it, and it still won't run. Hehehe...

There are also users who commented that to play this game, you must run Steam through the terminal and use Proton version 5.0-10. I also follow this user's post, and... The game can be opened, wow!...

After updating the game, I can play until the tutorial. However, the same problem also occurs here, the game runs very lag. When controlling the character runs like Slowmotion and stutters. And in this experiment also failed.


So, I conclude that running it on Wine and Proton is both lag and not smooth. But I'm still grateful that the game can be opened even if it's only up to the Game tutorial.


Looking For How To Optimize Intel HD Performance On Ubuntu


    Finally I'm looking for how to optimize graphics settings on Ubuntu using Intel HD. Some articles mention that Intel HD does not require additional drivers. There is also a mention that the default graphics setting on Ubuntu is Power Saving.


And I found an article here, to enable high performance settings on Ubuntu, namely by editing the GRUB (etc/default/grub) like this:


GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i915.enable_rc6=0"

After rebooting, I tried to open Steam in the terminal, and run Game Super Mecha Champions. The result is this game can run as smoothly as when I use Windows. I was able to complete several matches without any obstacles. When playing games on Ubuntu, I also add a laptop vacuum to minimize overheating. You can also watch this video:



The conclusion is finally I can play my favorite game(Super Mecha Champions) on my Ubuntu laptop and it runs fine. Hopefully in the future many game developers will also build their games for Linux. Maybe useful and ENJOY!...