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Monday, August 9, 2021

My First Impression When Using Archcraft Linux!

I am a Xubuntu user. But when trying Arch Linux, there is a different taste when using Debian derivatives. Arch Linux feels more complicated. Yes, in my opinion, this distro is less suitable for new users using Linux distributions.


But Archcraft is different, this distribution will make it easier for new users who want to explore the Arch Linux distro.


My First Impression When Using Archcraft Linux!

Archcraft is one of the Linux distributions that offer a minimalist appearance but easy to customize. This Distro is a Pure Arch Linux wrapped in a beautiful display of Window Manager. But for now the Xfce variant is also available!.


My opinion about Linux Archcraft:

  • Minimalist and beautiful display using OpenBox (on the default view).
  • The default application provided is quite complete. For the default browser it still uses Midori which is one of the lightweight browsers. But, you can install other browsers when you need it.
  • Provides several themes and icons that are quite large and beautiful.
  • There are several display styles that you can choose on the Change Style menu. And Boom!..., the display will change according to what you choose with just 1 click. In addition there are also other display settings which in my opinion are very sufficient to make the desktop look cool.

These are just a few features that I have explored. For more detailed features you can read it on the Archcraft Features page. Archcraft only supports 64-bit processor architectures.

The reason I use Archcraft

I haven't been so familiar with Arch. When a glimpse of reading about Linux Arch, I don't like the settings that are too complicated like a standard Arch (but for users who are experts, this is not a problem).


Actually there are many Arch-based distributions that make it easier for new users. But I prefer the default view of Archcraft, this very minimalist makes the old laptop that is rarely used to feel light again.

So, with a laptop that only has a 4GB memory capacity with a dualcore processor that supports 32 bit or 64 bit architecture. I feel Archcraft is the best choice. On this potato laptop, I get an idle status of memory less than 1GB. Maybe for the latest PC / laptop devices, it rarely see idle positions requiring too much RAM like in this default Archcraft.

Will I immediately move from Ubuntu to Arch?

For now the main distro that I use on my main laptop to work is Xubuntu. But that doesn't mean I am Fanboy Xubuntu, this is because of needs. 

And I also don't want to waste time studying Arch Linux with various problems. But Archcraft makes me feel easier when using Arch Linux. So I decided to install 2 different Linux distributions in my 2 laptops. And maybe posting various cases when using Linux Archcraft.

Hopefully useful and ENJOY! ...