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Thursday, June 24, 2021

JingOS, Linux-Based Operating System For Tablet And Smartphone!

JingOS, Linux-based Operating System For Tablets And Smartphone!
JingPad A1

JingOS is a Linux-based operating system currently being developed by developers from China. This operating system is used on smartphones, tablets and desktop. If you look at the previous year. Many Linux distribution developers are developing it for Mobile devices.


One of the famous is Ubuntu Touch which has been discontinued by Canonical. However, Ubuntu Touch is developed by the community. In addition there are other linux operating systems such as Postmarket OS, Librem5, Mobian, Manjaro, etc. Many developers develop it with privacy and security purposes.


JingOS is also an Operating System developed for mobile devices. They developed a Linux-based operating system for their tablet, the JingPad A1. You can see the specifications here.


With this operating system, we can operate various jobs on a laptop with Linux, just using a tablet. So for daily drivers such as typing code, writing, sending email and other multitasking activities can be done on a tablet to replace work with a laptop.  In the past, Ubuntu touch also came with a slightly the same mission, to make mobile devices with Ubuntu OS as an alternative to Android which is currently dominating the mobile device market.


One of the differences between JingOS and other mobile OS based on Linux (besides Android) is that JingOS was also developed to be able to run applications on Android natively. In the demo video offered, they also explain that JingPad users can install an android application and use it.


In the development of Linux distributions, there are also applications that can be used to run Android applications natively, namely Anbox. However, currently its development is still in the alpha stage. Anbox also still has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. There is also SPURV which is still in the experimental stage.


In my opinion, one of the interesting points of JingOS is that if their operating system development can run many or maybe all android applications natively and smoothly on their Linux distribution, this can be one of the advantages of this OS.


Regardless the Pros and Cons of the State of China regarding privacy issues. JingOS brings several features that are very suitable for Linux users with high mobility. Let's look forward to the continuation of this project. Hopefully useful and ENJOY!