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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Easy Way Install Blender 3D On Linux Ubuntu!

Easy Way Install Blender 3D On Linux Ubuntu!

Blender 3D is a very powerful open source 3D application. Many companies or individuals use this application (based on data from HG Insight) for 3D modeling, animation, or interior design, and many others. Blender 3D is available for various platforms, one of which is Linux. Linux users can install this application using the following methods!


1. Via the official site of Blender 3D

Blender 3d official site provides files with the extension tar.gz for linux. To run this package, you can extract it, then execute the application. Blender will run and open without needing to be installed. To make it easier when opening the application, you can create a shortcut.


2. Via the Ubuntu Software (App store)

Blender On Ubuntu Software

Blender is usually also available on the apps store on Ubuntu Software. Please look for Blender 3D and install it just by clicking the install menu. Or you can install it on terminal using the command:

sudo apt install blender


3. Using Snap

Snap is one type of package developed by canonical. Blender 3D developer also provides Blender version for snap officially. To install it please type the command sudo snap install blender. Previously, make sure that snap is installed on your computer system. You can visit this page, to select the blender version you want to install via Snap.


Apart from some of the points that I wrote above, Linux users can also install it via flathub, and use someone's repository to install blender 3D. But, in my opinion, the easiest way to install it is to download directly on the official site because it can run right away.


But for now I'm installing it via Snap because I find updating the app using snap very easy.


For the next article maybe I will also write some tutorials about blender 3D on this blog. It is useful for me to remember things that I have learned in Blender 3D (as a personal document) that may also be of use to you. Hopefully useful and EJOY! ...