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Monday, February 8, 2021

Is Prime OS Discontinued?

Is Prime OS Discontinued?
image via pixabay

It has been a long time since I followed the development of the android operating system made for desktop PCs / laptops. One of my favorite Android-based operating systems to install on laptops is Prime OS. In my personal opinion, this operating system runs stably when installed on my old laptop with a 32 bit processor architecture.


When I visited the official site of Prime OS, I was surprised because the official site was no longer accessible. Even though I intend to see if there is a software update or not. Is this the end of the Prime OS journey and decided to discontinue?

I saw several posts from forum members also asking why the official site was down, and there has been no response or announcement from the developer in the forum (when this article was written). And in a few months before the official site can't be accessed, it's been a long time since there was no announcement of an update from this OS.


If you are still curious and want to install Prime OS on your PC, please visit the XDA Developer forum here. On that page there are still some links from the Prime OS version. And to install it, you can see my article about How to install Prime OS on Linux. If your operating system is not Linux, please look for a tutorial according to the operating system used. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.