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Friday, December 20, 2019

How to Set Default Application on Xubuntu?

Image via Pixabay
Various types of Linux distributions have different views. In addition, the default application for each Distro may also be different. Usually every Linux distribution has its own default application. But sometimes there are some default applications that are not suitable for me as a user.

So I want to replace the default application with another application. One example is the application for viewing images. On Xubuntu, you will find that the default application for viewing images on this distribution is the Ristretto image viewer. But we can install other image viewer applications as you wish.

After the user installs several image viewer applications, the user can choose one of them to use by default. But, how to change the default application to open an image?

There are 2 ways to set the default application on Xubuntu. The first way is through the Properties menu when we will open certain types of files. In this case we want to change the default application to open the image. You can set the default application in the properties menu as shown below !:

How to Set Default Application on Xubuntu?
The second way is to replace it via Settings - Prefered Applications. You can choose the application that will be the default. However, in choosing the default application using this menu it has limited features. So it's better to use the first method because it's more simple and easy.

Xubuntu has different settings than Ubuntu (GNOME), so on Xubuntu you won't find a "Details" Menu to set defaults applications. Hopefully useful and ENJOY!..