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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

How To Fix The Snap Package Error Change in Progress?

How to fix the snap package error change in progress?
Image by Pixabay
When I visited the ubuntu and linux forums, I read one of the members asking about error problems when installing packages from snap in the software center. At that time I had never experienced that. But, not long after a member asked about the error. I also get the same error when installing Gwenview via snap.

This error can occur when the package that we installed is stuck but is running in the installation process in a snap. Like most software installer applications that we can find on Ubuntu, the packages that are installed usually cannot be installed before the first package installation process is complete, or may be queued.

So, how to fix error change in progress in a snap?

Please open the terminal and type "snap changes". When you experience an error like this, the snap changes will show the package installation information. And maybe there are packages that are still being processed and running. Please see the picture below !.

snap package error change in progress
snap error chage in progress
In the picture above, you can see that the package is being processed with a "Doing" status. In fact, at that time, the package that I installed was stuck. So, to be able to install other packages, the user needs to cancel the process of installing the snap package that is running with the command:

sudo snap abort ID_number
On the ID_number, please write down the process ID number that you want to abort. By typing the above command, the running snap package will be canceled and you can install another package or start reinstalling the stuck package.

I would rather install the snap package via the terminal than using the Software Center or Snap Store. Because sometimes processing will feel faster through the terminal. By installing via the terminal, the user can see the installation process whether there is an error or not.

hopefully useful and ENJOY!...