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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Is Difficult to Switch Operating System From Windows to Linux?

Is Difficult to switch operating system from Windows to Linux?
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I got this question on one of the Q&A sites. On the site, I also respond to this question that was asked of me. This time I want to discuss it in this post. So how do I respond to this question?

There are 2 answers:

1. Very possible, if:

- The user really has the intention and decided to switch and is ready with all the risks that exist when using Linux !.

- Accustomed to using Linux distributions and quite proficient, so to move and adapt to the environment of the new operating system, requires a short time.

- Application developers that support Windows, also provide for Linux. If this is supported by application developers, it will be very easy to switch operating systems from Windows to Linux, so we can use Linux distributions and run the required software.

2. Difficult, if:

- Users cannot leave their comfort zone like when using windows. Because, there may be several applications or linux packages that require installation using commands in the terminal. so when using linux, users should also learn basic linux commands. Unlike when using windows it's very easy to just click next, next, and finish.

- Users still need a Windows application to work. This is usually an obligation for workers to use an application that only supports Windows. Alternative applications do not seem to be a solution, if the software needed to work is a software from Windows must be used in a company.

- Don't have much free time, so new users will need a long time to adapt.

Actually, these problems can be solved by dual boot the operating system. So users can learn Linux when they are free, and can still do their work on Windows. This can be used to adapt before switching completely to Linux.

However, if a large software company that supports and provides Windows applications, can support the software for Linux. I think, to switch from Windows to Linux is very easy.

I observed a number of questions in the forum and concluded that, in fact, the difficulty of switching from Windows to Linux, due to factors from users who are more accustomed to using Windows, and need Windows applications for their work. And all back to the user needs. Hope it is useful and ENJOY!.