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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Some Open Source Android Applications that Available on Google Play!

Some Open Source Android Applications that Available on Google Play!
Image via Pixabay
Smartphone is one of the gadgets that are currently becoming people's needs. Many people use smartphones for other purposes besides communication, for example, for playing games, multimedia purposes, writing and for business. Based on the Netmarketshare website, Android is one of the mobile operating systems that is widely used by people around the world. That is, many people who use smartphones with the Android operating system.

We can install android applications through Google Play or other app stores. There are paid applications, some are free but contain advertising content or in app purchase. But we can also find several mobile applications for Android open source.

For those of you who like open source applications, some of the applications below, can be installed via Google Play!.

This application is useful for displaying some information about the device (hardware and software information) that you use such as RAM, CPU, GPU, temperature check, and check battery condition and others. This application can be an alternative to CPU-Z.

Open camera is an open source Android application that has many features. We can use this application for photography. Open camera has been downloaded 10 million users on Google Play and get a pretty good rating that is 4.2.

I have tried this application. In my opinion, an open camera is rich in features. So for those of you who know about photography, maybe you can try to optimize various features available in this application.

This GPS application does not use advertisements, is not a user tracker and only presents data needed by the user. GPS Test provides realtime information for your device.

If you hate ads that appear on the photo gallery application, you can use Simple Gallery. This application is ad-free. It also can be used as a simple photo editor. One alternative to other photo gallery applications.

Do you hate keyboard applications on smartphones that display advertisements? If so, please use Simple Keyboard. You will not find ads that appear on this application.

Actually we can still find many open source applications available on Google Play. But if you want to look for more, you can visit F-Droid. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.