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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Shelter, Application To Create An Isolated Space On Android!

Shelter, Application To Create An Isolated Space On Android!
Shelter Icon
Creating an application clone on a smartphone is one way to open 2 different accounts for an application for certain purposes. Actually, cloning an application is not necessary when the application has a feature to open more than one account. Examples are Applications made by Google.

Many applications created by Google are connected to our Google account, so we only need to add the desired account to open several Google applications such as Youtube, Gmail, Drive, and others. In fact, Telegram has also added features to be able to use more than one telegram account in one application. However, some applications not provide this feature. we need an application to create multiple applications in one devices.

One application that can be used to create multiple applications is Shelter. Shelter is an application that is included in the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) category. You will not find ads on this app. In fact, you can find the source code from shelters on this site.

Shelter is useful for creating an isolated space and utilizing the work profile feature on Android. And in that room, we can install or clone applications. This application is similar to the Dual Apps feature on MIUI developed by Xiaomi.

Some tips when using Shelter:

- Select the application that you really need to install in the isolated room. If there are applications that are rarely used, it is better to delete them.

- Please turn off this application when it is not needed, so as not to waste the battery.

- If you don't need this application, you can uninstall it. But first, you need to delete the Work Profile on the Android that you are using. Please follow the steps below!.

1. Select the Settings menu -> Accounts, and on the Accounts menu, please delete the Work Profile as shown below!
Remove Shelter Work Profile

2. Next go to Device Admin Apps (Settings -> Security & Location -> Advanced -> Device Admin Apps). Please remove the work profile from the menu, and remove the shelter.
Device Admin Apps On Android

I tried Shelter on Nokia 6 (Android Pie), and it works fine. If you get a bug or error, please write your problem here. Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.