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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ren'Py, One of the Best Visual Novel Engines!

For almost 2 weeks I didn't update the article on this blog, it's because I'm also making a visual novel with a short story. If you like writing novels, maybe you can make it Visual Novel so that it is more interactive. Visual novel games have their own fans. We can also make a visual novel using the Game Engine. One software that you can use to create visual novels is Ren’Py.

Ren'Py, One of the Best Visual Novel Engines!
I tried to use this software for the purpose of making visual novels. Actually, I've tried this software, but at that time I hadn't used it to create a Visual Novel project.

Some reasons that make me recommend this software!

1. Multi-platform.
You can run this Software on Windows, Linux and Mac. And projects from Ren’Py can be exported to various platforms. This is very helpful for creators who want to make it for a particular platform, for example I create a Ren’Py project for Android.

2. The script and code are easy to understand.
Ren’Py provides a lot of convenience for Visual Novel creators. But maybe for me who isn't an expert in programming, writing code on Ren’Py to make some detailed effects, requires a lot of references. But if you are familiar with Python, maybe you will easily understand the use of Ren’Py.

3. One of the best Visual Novel Engines.
Besides Ren’py, there are many other engines for creating Visual Novels. But this software is very good for building a Visual Novel as you want. Until now, Ren’Py still gets version updates, and each version has some documentation that you can read on the official website.

4. Open source.
Ren’Py is included in the open source software category. You can use this software for free to make Visual Novel free or paid. If you want to donate to Ren’Py, you can make a donation through Patreon from Ren’Py here.

5. There is an active forum to discuss making Visual Novels using Ren'Py.
If you experience some problems when creating VN on Ren’Py, you can open online documentation or visit the Lemmasoft forum that discusses Ren’Py. In the forum there are many useful threads collected into a thread list on the Ren’Py Cookbook Directory.

You can get this Ren’Py here. Hopefully useful and ENJOY! ...