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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How To Install Gnome-Pie(Launcher) On Xubuntu?

Gnome-Pie is one of the most unique and beautiful launchers that you can use to create shortcuts from frequently used applications. This application can replace other launchers such as Docky, Plank, Unity launcher, etc. If you like a clean desktop display, maybe you will like Gnome Pie.
Gnome-Pie(Launcher) On Xubuntu
Gnome-Pie has a difference with the launcher in general. This launcher will be visible when you call it with a certain keyboard combination. So, this launcher will disappear after you select one of the menus on Gnome Pie or click anywhere other than on the menu.

The coolest thing about Gnome Pie is that it has a circular menu display. Besides that you can change the theme of this application with several themes provided in the settings menu. Cool appearance should also be supported by good functions, and here in my opinion, Gnome Pie fulfills both of these conditions.

How to install Gnome Pie on Xubuntu?
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:simonschneegans/testing
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gnome-pie
please wait until the installation process is complete!.

The settings that I use on Gnome Pie on Xubuntu as in the picture above:

Gnome-Pie Settings
  • Using the O-Pie theme (please select the theme you like the most), and run it automatically when logging in (please check the Start Gnome Pie On Login menu).
  • In the Pie Settings menu, I still use the default shortcut from this application, if you want to replace it with another one, please select a shortcut that has not been used for other functions.
  • Add an application / software menu that is often used.
  • Set Gnome Pie to appear in the middle.
This application can run smoothly on Xubuntu 18.04, and may be applied to other distributions as well. You can arrange it according to your needs. Each user must have different settings, so please explore the settings that are most suitable for you. Hopefully useful and Enjoy!.