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Monday, May 6, 2019

Switch to Xubuntu 64-bit

Switch to Xubuntu 64-bit.
Image By Pixabay
The development of technology makes many electronic devices become sophisticated. One of them is a computer. In 2000 and under, we could still find many computer devices with a CRT (Cathode-ray tube) monitor. And now, the item has become old school items. Same as computer devices that use 32-bit architecture. At this time some software developers only provide various applications for 64-bit systems and have left 32-bit.

Sometimes, when I look for alternative applications from Windows to Linux, many developers only provide 64-bit. Even though at that time I used 32-bit Ubuntu. And this is one of the difficulties that may be felt by some people who still use computers that are classified as old, like mine.

Finally, I decided to switch to a 64-bit system. Luckily even though my computer is included in the old production, the laptop processor that I have, supports the installation of 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. When I write this article, I have used Xubuntu 64-bit. Xubuntu is one of the Linux distributions that I like, and they have also stopped support for 32-bit, starting from Xubuntu 19.04 until next.

The advantages of a 64-bit system:
  • Software that supports 64-bit devices is very diverse, so I do not feel difficult, when looking for some software that I need.
  • Still able to run 32-bit software.
  • Able to optimize processor performance.
  • Faster and more efficient.
Some of the points above are the benefits that I feel when switching to a 64-bit operating system (because my computer processor also supports this system).

Before installing Xubuntu 64-bit, I prepared a number of enhancements such as the ram which was originally 2GB, replaced with 4GB, because, according to some posts in forums, to run the 64-bit version is better installed on devices with more than 2GB of RAM.

I also tried using SSD. When using an SSD, the process of loading applications, booting, shutdown etc, Feels very smooth (even though at that time the RAM I used was still 2GB). By upgrading RAM to 4GB, all processes are faster.

This is just a little story from me, which uses Ubuntu in daily use. May be useful.