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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Some Difficulty That Are Often Experienced By New Linux Users

Some of the difficulties that are often experienced by users of Linux distributions
Image by Pixabay
On a Linux Users forum, I asked about the difficulties experienced by users. Apparently, I got many interesting and varied answers. Here are some of the difficulty that Linux users feel based on the opinions of people in the forum.

1. Difficult when there is no internet connection.

We know that a Linux distro really needs an internet connection. For example when we as users want to update packages, install software, or upgrade versions of Linux distributions used. All need an internet connection. So this answer is reasonable.

Today the internet is a basic necessity for some people.

2. Difficult to adjust when using alternative applications from Windows to Linux.

There are many alternative windows software on linux. If the software you need is crossplatform that can run on Linux, this will be resolved. However, when commonly used software is not available on Linux, it means you have to look for alternative software with the same function. And we need to adapt to the new software environment.

There are people I meet, when they decide to migrate from Windows to Linux, they can adapt to the software used. but, there are also those who complain that they are not familiar with the alternatives software used.

3. Difficulty learn Commands on Linux

This depends on each individual. Actually, basic Linux commands are quite easy to understand. All are just habit factors. If you are familiar, you will feel comfortable when using the terminal and typing a command.

I also have experienced difficulty when understanding basic Linux commands. Even when writing the command to install the software package, I find it hard to remember the command. However, after a few months I used Linux. I feel this is not a burden. Learning Linux commands can make it easier for users later on.

4. Error that didn't find a solution

Being a user of a Linux distro means you have to try to find a way to overcome the problem found.

Sometimes, an error experienced on Linux doesn't get a solution. This makes the user a little frustrated. Finally, the solution used is re-install the Linux distro.

5. Confused about choosing a desktop display/desktop environnment

Each Linux distro has a different default desktop environment. But sometimes the user feels less like the display. In Linux, users can change their appearance according to their wishes. But sometimes,various desktop display options, making users confused to choose the right display. In my opinion, selected desktop display should adjust to the specifications of the user's computer.

6. It's hard to find a Linux distro that is suitable for them.

Are you a Distrohopper? I used to also try various Linux distributions to find the most suitable distro. And my choice remains with the Ubuntu family. For those of you who are becoming a distrohopper, I suggest you use a Linux distro, with active community support (especially in your country). So,so, if you get an error on your linux, you can immediately ask for the problems found, and certainly will get a faster response from other users, than when you use the distribution with small communities and rarely update.

Hopefully useful and ENJOY !.